One Month In India

Via Hairpin: Writer Shona Sanzgiri took a trip to India last year, and we asked him about it.

Eating Cashews by the Mountains by Randy Martin

This is as far as my little 150cc motorcycle would take us outside the city of Vashist, India.


Roofs of the buildings packed with people flying kites on Makarsankranti festival

Surat, India

In the Foothills of the Himalayas by Randy Martin

"I shot this in northern India when the road I was driving our tiny no headlight no turn signal no side view mirror Indian motorcycle from 1971 ended up in the foothills of the Himalayas." 


Churchgate Station by Sebastião Salgado

"Churchgate is the terminus station of the Western railroad line, built by the British; the railroad system covers much of India. The trains are notorious for being dangerously overcrowded"

Mumbai, India, 1995

Vis iindia:frozenglance

Golden Temple by Gandara

Amritsar, Punjab, India

A Different Point of View of Taj Mahal by Lee Anna went to town submitting a dozen awesome photos from her tour of India. Check out the full photoset on Flickr!

Agra, India

Elephant parking by Madi Ju

Amber Fort, Rajasthan, India

From PlanetEye Traveler:

Unlike Mumbai, New Delhi is known to have auto rickshaw drivers who’ll charge excessive fees. This is especially true if you are not a resident of Delhi or if you are a foreigner. The Delhi Government has rules and regulations that none of the auto drivers actually follow, well that is if you don’t make them! By law, auto drivers are supposed to go by the fare meter. The chargers are Rs. 10 for the first kilometer and then Rs. 3.50 for every extra kilometer.

The article touches upon:

  • Researching your destination first
  • Being able to communicate with knowledge
  • Insisting on going by the fare meter
  • Using a map
  • Avoid being too friendly