Waiting for sunset. (at Royal Palace of Madrid)

Vertical Garden by Patrick Blanc

Caixa Forum, Madrid, Spain

Tomatina Festival

Would totally wear a suit to this thing…

Bunoi, Spain

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Best tradition in the world ever?

Telefonica Building by David Terrazas

Madrid, Spain


OMG, take kylewrather’s advice and do this right now:

Take a minute to appreciate these great photos of Mardid, Spain by David Terrazas on Behance.

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They said “This might be something for you. You’re good at languages and you’re good at music.” Then they showed me a little blurb in their Berlitz guidebook about the Whistling Language of La Gomera. I had never ever heard of such a thing, and off we went.

During our trek we often heard snatches of whistles blown our way by the sea breeze, and on the second day we stopped for lunch in a lush grassy pasture. During that break in our walk, we were treated to a lengthy whistled conversation which ebbed and flowed around us from all sides even though we never actually saw the whistlers themselves.

The Whistling Language of La Gomero


WHY YES THIS IS the most fascinating thing I’ve read.

Canary Islands, Africa

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Remember by Omeaunel

The Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain